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The Truth Behind Seeking Approval for Your Union: Asking for Blessings in Today’s Relationships

If you’re deeply involved in a romantic relationship and the prospect of a wedding is gradually becoming a reality, you’ve likely pondered the intricacies of proposing or being proposed to by your beloved partner.

For many individuals, the initial phase of proposing involves seeking the blessings of at least one of the parents before uniting in matrimony. Traditionally, this has been attributed to the groom asking for the father’s blessing or consent.

However, contemporary times have redefined these customs, opening doors for various approaches. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a groom to request the mother’s blessing, a step-parent’s approval, or even for a bride to take the lead in seeking permission for marriage.

A Rich History: Seeking a Parent’s Approval for Marriage

Surprisingly, the practice of a groom seeking a bride’s father’s approval to wed his daughter can be traced back to ancient Rome, dating as far back as BC. During those times, women were essentially considered the possessions of their fathers until they married, transferring their ownership to their husbands. Fortunately, our society has evolved from such perspectives.

In addition to symbolizing the transfer of ownership, the tradition of seeking a father’s blessing aimed to guarantee the well-being of the daughter within her future marital home. It’s important to recognize that women didn’t possess the autonomy they enjoy today. The 18th and 19th centuries marked a gradual shift in this practice, transitioning it from a transactional concept to a gesture of respect.

To Seek or Not to Seek Blessings: A Personal Choice

Deciding whether to seek a parent’s blessing rests upon various factors, aligning with personal beliefs, values, and the preferences of both partners. If your partner’s family adheres to strong traditions and anticipates a discussion regarding your engagement plans, seeking their approval might be an essential aspect of the process to avoid causing any distress. Similarly, if you share a close bond with their family, involving them might hold significance for you.

However, there are no rigid rules governing this matter. Ultimately, the decision to seek parental blessings is a mutual one between you and your partner, depending on your individual viewpoints.

Navigating the Path: Approaching the Conversation

Should you decide to seek parental blessings, consider these tips to ensure a thoughtful and respectful interaction:

  • Conduct Preliminary Research: Delve into whether this practice aligns with your partner’s family traditions or expectations. Knowing in advance if their parents anticipate this conversation can help you prepare appropriately.
  • Plan a Meeting: Invite your partner’s parents to engage in a conversation deliberately. Whenever possible, opt for an in-person interaction, as discussing this matter over the phone might appear impersonal.
  • Craft Your Approach: Develop a well-thought-out speech that expresses your genuine intentions. Alongside asking for permission, convey why you wish to marry their child and how you envision cherishing and caring for them.
  • Maintain Secrecy: If seeking blessings involves sharing your proposal plans, ensure your partner’s parents understand the need for confidentiality until the right moment arrives.
Exploring Alternatives: Honoring Respect in Different Ways

If the notion of asking for blessings feels uncomfortable, remember that alternative paths can also convey respect and consideration:

  • Prior Notification: Instead of seeking blessings, inform your partner’s parents about your intention to propose, showcasing your thoughtfulness in involving them.
  • Inclusive Shopping: Invite your partner’s parents, especially their mother, to participate in the process of selecting an engagement ring. This involvement can hold sentimental value.
  • Engagement Planning: Seek their input in planning a surprise engagement or engagement celebration, making them feel special without requiring their permission.

In this dynamic era, traditions evolve to accommodate diverse relationships. The essence remains in treating your partner’s family with respect and thoughtfulness, irrespective of the chosen path.

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